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Kyle Stewart was born and raised in the small town of Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia. As a kid without fear, all it took was watching a few stunt videos on YouTube to inspire him to try the tricks himself. After a few of his own short videos where he and his friends tested themselves physically with humorous stunts, it wasn't long until he did his first flip off the chimney of his house. Hours were spent teaching himself to do side flips, double leg flips, back flips, and gainers before he even graduated from East Antigonish Academy.

The small town of Havre Boucher didn't offer much opportunity to explore his new love of tricking, and his passion made him want to branch out and meet new people who could show him more. After meeting a fellow tricker who also shared his passion for action and stuntwork, he decided he needed to venture out to learn more. In 2007, his passions brought him to Toronto to study at the International Academy of Design and Technology/ Toronto Film School where he thrived in Acting for Film, Television and Theatre.

Toronto offered him the social networking he had yearned for in his small town. That networking opened the front door of a house with several other enthusiasts. Living with fellow actors and stuntworkers; Jermaine Carty, Tim Biemann, and Alex Chung allowed them to become close friends and make films.

Graduating from Toronto Film School in 2008, he held onto the friends he had made and the passion that had brought him there. He continued to film a number of short films and a small mini-series titled “Crunch”. The connections and friendships he had made paved the way for several shorts; Welcome & Warm directed by Tim Biemann, and several projects by Alex Chung such as Process Of Elimination, Contracts 2, Werewolf Assassin, Viewer, and most recently Contracts 3.

His passion to learn new skills brought him to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in 2009 where he worked his way up to being the Assistant Head Knight. On top of the stunts he learned to perform in the show, he also acquired training in Equestrian Art of Dressage by horse trainer Franz Christian Garcia. Advancing to Intermediate I level dressage, he currently thrives in acquiring new skills in horse training, applying his skills to horses as young as 3 years old to do all the stunts and work in the show. His lists of skills include bomb proofing horses to deal with all the sounds, lights, and acting in the show, jousting, sword fighting both from horseback and from the ground, falls and stunts on horseback, as well as training others to socialize and ride horses, as well as perform stunts in the show so they could eventually become Knights in the shows.

His passions push him to learn as much as he can throughout his life, learning Equestrian disciplines such as Alta Escuela and Doma Vaquera. Each day he pushes to expand his knowledge on both horse training, stuntwork and acting.

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