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Rufio Parker Luey joins the team from a background in film studies, and a career in the Toronto acting/stunt industry. With training in swords, unarmed combat, parkour, wire work, gymnastics, tactical operations, and dual firearms licenses, Rufio is an ideal ally in any zombie apocalypse.

His foray in the stunt world began with a six year stint in Toronto's parkour community, from 2002-2008, and the founding of Adelaide's parkour scene in 2005. After that, Rufio transitioned into film and television stunt work, as an extension of his acting career. He first came to Foolhouse as a stunt performer in Reverse, and has since worked on Hit Me Apocalypse, and Contracts 3.

He can be seen in upcoming short films Penny Foster, and Halloween: Reflections, and will be working on the web series True Superhero. 
Rufio is also extremely skilled at writing bios, and has received several pulitzer prizes for his previous biographical endeavours.

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