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Alex Chung began his filmmaking journey at the age of thirteen in 2001. He spent the majority of his high school years making shorts, watching countless movies and researching film in his spare time. In 2005, Alex moved to Toronto and became involved in many productions both in front and behind the camera. Having never gone to film school, he learned everything from hands on experience on set working as a grip, production assistant, background actor, etc.

With an extensive background in martial arts and gymnastics, Alex performed stunts in various student films, music videos, and independent productions before joining ACTRA. As a member of Eclipse Stunts (formerly Eclipse Stunt Crew), he also produced many of their action and comedy shorts.

Alex was also a member of the Heroic Melon Collective where he provided camera work and editing for skits, event coverage, live performances, and interviews with local celebrities (which include Ed The Sock and "PJ" Phil Guerrero). Alex also served as a lead actor and co-writer for their web series The Awkward Compilation.

Alex currently works as a stuntman in film and television with credits that include The Interview, Heroes Reborn, and xXx: Return Of Xander Cage. He has also been brought on as a fight choreographer for several shorts and independent features.

Now, with a solid team, several of his own short films in festivals, and a feature film on the way, Alex hopes to continue building this production company while constantly working on improving his skills in filmmaking.

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